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Decanting cont.

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What Is Decanting?In contrast to trust modification (and reformation, for that matter), decanting is viewed as an extension of a trustee’s power to distribute trust assets. How about the thought of stpetersburgfamilylawattorney? Whereas modification, by virtue of being an amendment to existing trust language, works within the parameters of the existing trust. Evolution of Decanting ….  Read More

Piedra wins board set

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Young lawyers board runoffs decided There was no tie the second time around. A bit more information can be found here. In a runoff election required because they matched vote totals in the March balloting, Jorge L. Piedra defeated Alice K. Sum for a seat representing the 11th Circuit on the Bar Board of Governors. ….  Read More

The Practice of Law

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For most of this practitioner’s life in the practice of law (42 years) in civil law, specifically probate and injury law, as her fellow lawyers would say, “When it’s not fun anymore, we’ll quit. Ha, Ha, Ha.” Even for the typical divorce lawyer in st petersburg, this can be a stressful profession. Well, the law ….  Read More